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American Studies

The American Studies Concentration consists of 10 courses or 30 hours chosen as described below from 6 different general areas. At least 18 hours must be upper division (300 or 400) level. It is suggested that the student work closely with their advisor in all concentration planning.

Academic Road Maps:





Courses in bold represent courses that can be used for General Education requirements, distribution requirements, and concentration requirements.

1) HISTORY (6 crs.)
Choose two courses; at least one must be upper level:

HIS 106  American Life I
HIS 107  American Life II
HIS 308  History of Early Canada
HIS 319  Colonial History of the American People
HIS 322  African-American History
HIS 324  American Presidents
HIS 326  History of the Great Lakes Region
HIS 331  American Westward Expansion
HIS 340  Geography & Planning Historical Urban Analysis of the Buffalo Metropolitan Area
HIS 345  US Since 1941
HIS 370  American Diplomatic History to 1898
HIS 371  American Diplomatic History since 1898
HIS 404  Civil War
HIS 408  American Intellectual History
HIS 430  United States - The New Nation

2) GEOGRAPHY (3 crs.)
Choose one of the following:

GEG 206  Geography of New York State
GEG 309  Introduction to Urban Geography

Choose one of the following:

PSC 102  Introduction to American Government
PSC 210  The American Presidency
PSC 215  Urban Government in the United States
PSC 218  African American Political Culture
PSC 220  Development of American Constitutional Law
PSC 225  Women in American Politics
PSC 310  American Political Parties
PSC 316  Urban Ethnic Politics
PSC 318  Democracy and Peace - the Urban experience
PSC 320  US Constitution and Civil Liberties
PSC 326  Politics and Media
PSC 330  American Foreign Policies
PSC 355  American Political Thought
PSC 364  American Public Policy

4) ENGLISH (6 crs.)
Choose two courses; at least one must be upper level:

ENG 220  American Literature I 
ENG 221  American Literature II
ENG 240  African-American Literature to 1940
ENG 241  African-American Literature since 1940
ENG 353  Native American Literature (J/S Status)
ENG 354  Ethnic-American Minority Literature
ENG 441  Romantic Movement in American Literature (pre-req. of 6 credits of lit.)
ENG 442  American Novel to 1900 (pre-req. of 6 credits of lit.)
ENG 444  American Novel after 1900 (pre-req. of 6 credits of lit.

Choose four courses; at least two must be upper level:

HIS 302  History of Women in America
HIS 330  United States Environmental History
HIS 332  Technology and US History
HIS 341  African-Americans and Civil Rights
HIS 365  American Labor History
HIS 372  American Foreign Policy in the Far East (J/S status)
HIS 468  Readings in African-American History (J/S status)
HIS 469  Black Protest and Leadership in US (J/S status)
GES 310  Great Lakes Environmental Issues (J/S status)
GES 405  Geology of North America (pre-requisites of GES 101 and GES 102)
PSC 225  Women in American Politics
PSC 318  Democracy and Peace - the Urban experience
PSC 420  Contemporary Constitutional Issues
SWK 319  Dynamics of Poverty
SWK 320  Social Services Organizations (SWK 220)
SWK 345  Child Welfare Services (J/S status)
SWK 419  Social Welfare Policy (SWK 320)
EDF 200  Introduction to Urban Education
EDF 221  History of Black Education in America
ANT 244W  Folklore and Folklife
ANT 300  Indigenous Peoples of Western North America
ANT 301  Indigenous peoples of Eastern North America
ANT 307  Urban Anthropology
ANT 312  Archeology of North America
DAN 230  Survey of African-American Dance
ECO 103  Economic History of the US
FAR 365  American Art I (FAR 250 & 251)
HUM 327  Great Writing and Reporting of American Journalism
MUS 306  Urban Blues and Rock (MUS 206)
PAR 350  The American Musical
SOC 321  African-American Family (SOC 100)
CRJ 101  Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOC 100  Introduction to Sociology
SSE 350  Longhouse People (highly recommended)
GEG 340  Historical Urban Analysis of the Buffalo Metropolitan Area

Total 30 crs.

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