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Curriculum and Instruction Accelerated Undergraduate to Graduate 4+1 Pathway


The 4+1 accelerated pathway in curriculum and instruction is for students in programs leading to a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, childhood education, or combined early childhood and childhood education. The pathway initiates graduate-level coursework at the undergraduate level, providing qualified students with seamless entry to the master’s degree program and an accelerated course of study toward an advanced degree.

Candidates in the 4+1 pathway begin graduate coursework during their senior year of undergraduate study. Following the completion of their bachelor’s
degree requirements, students are recommended for initial certification in the early childhood education, childhood education, or combined program. Candidates then continue with one full year of graduate study to fulfill the coursework requirements for their master’s degree and receive recommendation for professional certification.

Candidates must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 before enrollment in any graduate course in the 4 + 1 pathway. For most candidates, this will be at the end of their junior year (sixth semester). In their senior year (seventh semester), candidates complete student teaching while starting graduate
coursework with EDU 513: Theory, Research, and Practice in Literacy Instruction. In the eighth semester, candidates complete their undergraduate coursework
as well as EDU 501: Seminar for the Reflective Teacher and EDU 620: Teaching and Learning in Diverse Elementary School Classrooms. Candidates must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and earn a minimum grade of B in graduate courses to remain in the 4+1 program.

Students accepted to the 4+1 pathway must follow  the curriculum map as outlined by the department in order to complete the program as scheduled. Students are formally admitted to the Graduate School following verification of completion of bachelor’s degree requirements and acceptance of the graduate application. Upon formal admission to the Graduate School, earned graduate credit is applied to the graduate course of study, and all graduate policies and privileges apply. Graduate application fees are waived for students in the 4+1 accelerated pathway.









Admission Requirements

Students enter the 4+1 pathway either as incoming freshmen or at any point in their undergraduate degree program. Students interested in the 4+1 pathway should meet with a designated 4+1 adviser to discuss the application process before completing an application packet.

The application includes submission of a statement of interest in the 4+1 program and intent to remain at Buffalo State for the graduate portion of the pathway.

General (Undergraduate)

• Entering freshmen must have a minimum high school average of 85.
• Undergraduates must submit SAT or ACT scores for successful admission to the pathway. Current Buffalo State students who are changing
majors and applying in their junior year may submit GRE or MAT scores instead.
• Current students already accepted to the early childhood education, childhood education, or combined program who have completed 75 or more credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 may apply to the pathway program before their final year of undergraduate study.


• Transfer students from two-year and other four-year institutions follow the same institutional admission requirements as other students transferring into Buffalo State teacher education programs.
• Acceptance to the 4+1 course sequence is contingent on courses completed at institutions that have transfer equivalence to courses in the Buffalo State early childhood education, childhood education, or combined program.
• Transfer students should speak to the Elementary Education and Reading Department chair or designee before applying. Please call the department at (716) 878-5916 with questions or to arrange an appointment.

To Apply

An acceptable application to the department will include evidence that all requirements for admission to a teacher education program have been met. The writing sample for admission to the childhood or early childhood major includes a descriptive account of the applicant’s relevant teaching experience or experience with young children.

Candidates applying to the 4+1 program are also required to submit a statement indicating their intent to remain at Buffalo State for both undergraduate and graduate studies. The writing sample is assessed by the faculty as an essential part of a successful application.

Application packets for the 4+1 pathway are available in Bacon 302.

For More Information

Elementary Education and Reading Department
Bacon Hall 302
(716) 878-5916

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