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The English Concentration consists of 10 courses or a total of 30 credit hours chosen as described below. At least 18 credit hours must be at the upper division (300 or 400) level. It is strongly suggested that the student work closely with an advisor in all concentration planning.

Academic Road Maps:






A. ENG 190 (pre-requisite CWP 102)

B. ENG 260 Children's Literature (OR option for Extension students: ENG 461 Young Adult Literature)

C. SPC/COM 205  Intro to Oral Communication

D. Advanced Writing Course  
Choose one:
ENG 300W  Writing for the Professions
ENG 301W  Advanced Composition
ENG 305W  Creating Writing:  Narrative
ENG 306W  Creating Writing:  Poetry

E. ENG 370 Foundations of Language OR ENG 311 Methods in Teaching Language

F. Ethnic American Literature 
Choose one:
ENG 240  African American Literature to 1940
ENG 241  African American Literature since 1940
ENG 353  Native American Literature
ENG 354  Ethnic-American Minority Literature

2) ELECTIVES (12 crs.)
Four courses may be selected from any of the following with at least 18 upper division credit hours in your concentration:

ENG 130  Biblical and Classical Literature
ENG 151  Introduction to Poetry
ENG 205  History of Cinema I
ENG 206  History of Cinema II
ENG 210  English Literature I
ENG 211  English Literature II
ENG 220  American Literature I
ENG 221  American Literature II
ENG 230  Comparative Literature
ENG 231  Women in Literature
ENG 240  African American Literature to 1940
ENG 241  African American Literature since 1940
ENG 252  Twentieth Century Literature I
ENG 253  Twentieth Century Literature II
ENG 303  Literature in Film
ENG 304  Forms of Film
ENG 309 Teaching and Evaluating Writing - course suggestion for extensions
ENG 310  Modern European Literature
*ENG 311W  Teaching Language - course suggestion for extensions
*ENG 315  Shakespeare I - course suggestion for extensions
*ENG 316  Shakespeare II - course suggestion for extensions
*ENG 317  Shakespeare for future teachers - course suggestion for extension (see dept.)
ENG 330  Literature of the Bible
ENG 345  World Literature After 1945
ENG 350  Twentieth Century Drama I
ENG 351  Twentieth Century Drama II
ENG 353  Native American Literature
ENG 354  Ethnic American Literature
ENG 355  The Short Story
ENG 356  Futuristic Fiction
ENG 361  Contemporary Literature  
ENG 415  Seventeenth Century English Literature  
ENG 416  Eighteenth Century English Literature
ENG 417  English Novel to 1800
ENG 418  English Novel 1800-1900
ENG 419  Romantic Movement in English Literature
ENG 441  Romantic Movement in American Literature
ENG 442  American Novel to 1900
ENG 443  American Poetry since 1900
ENG 444  American Novel since 1900
ENG 445  American Realism
ENG 450  Studies in Poetry
ENG 451  Studies in Fiction
ENG 452  Studies in Drama

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