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Foreign Language

Choose One (1) Language (Total of 30 Credits)

Students pursuing a foreign language concentration should initially take the CLEP exam to receive actual credit for prior work and knowledge in your chosen foreign language, as well as to determine initial level of coursework.  Information about this exam is available in the Admissions Office and more information can be secured in the Modern and Classical Language Department in Bishop Hall. (A fee is required for the CLEP exam; currently, the exam cost is $72; there is an additional $20 administrative fee).  In order to secure the required 30 credits in the concentration, as well as proper initial placement, it is important that the student pursue this exam as an alternative credit option upon entry level.

The foreign language concentration consists of 30 credit hours in one foreign language and must contain at least 18 credit hours of upper division (300 or 400) level.

Note:  Although the 101 and 102 levels are required as pre-requisites, they do not count in the required 30 credit hours.

Academic Road Maps:





Required (12crs.)

FRE 201 - 202   Intermediate French (pre-requisites 101, 102)  
FRE 301 - 302   French Conversation and Composition 

SPA 201 - 202   Intermediate Spanish (pre-requisites 101, 102)  
SPA 301 - 302  Spanish Conversation and Composition  

ITA 201 - 202   Intermediate Italian (pre-requisites 101, 102)  
ITA 301 - 302   Italian Conversation and  Composition

(FRE and SPA only)  Select two:

FRENCH  (FRE 301 & 302 are pre-requisites)
FRE 305    Spoken French  
FRE 415    Advanced Grammar and Composition  
FRE 416    Advanced Conversation  
FRE 497    Whisp. Pines/Trois Pistoles Immersion  
FRE 303    French Translation

SPANISH  (SPA 301 & 302 are pre-requisites)
SPA 305    Spanish Phonetics  
SPA 415    Advanced Grammar and Composition  
SPA 416    Advanced Conversation   
SPA 497    Whispering Pines Immersion Camp

Select one from the following (3crs.):

FRENCH  (FRE 301 & 302 are pre-requisites)
FRE 306    Civilization of France  
MCL 389    Francophone Cultures & Civilization

SPANISH  (SPA 301 or 302 are pre-requisites)
SPA 306    Civilization of Spain  
SPA 309    Civilization of Latin America

ITALIAN  (ITA 301 & 302 are pre-requisites)
ITA 306    Contemporary Italian Civilization

Select two courses for French and Spanish; select two or three courses for Italian (6-12 crs.):

FRENCH  (FRE 301 & 302 are pre-requisites)      
FRE 307    Surveys of French Lit   
FRE 308    Surveys of French Lit   
FRE 309    Survey of 19th & 20th Century French Lit  
MCL 389 (FRE 304)   Introduction to French Literature

SPANISH (SPA 301 or 302 are pre-requisites)
SPA 303    Intro to Spanish Lit           
SPA 307    Survey of Spanish Lit
SPA 308    Survey of Spanish Lit
SPA 310    Survey of Latin American Lit
SPA 311    Survey of Latin American Lit

ITALIAN  (ITA 301 & 302 are pre-requisites)
ITA 307-308  Survey of Italian Literature
ITA 401  Dante's Divina Commedia   
ITA 406  Nineteenth Century Italian Literature 
ITA 410  Modern Italian Literature

Select one from the following for French and Spanish; select two or three for Italian (3-9 crs.):

FRE 412  Studies in the French Novel    
FRE 496, 497  Senior Seminar      
FRE 499  Independent Study

SPA 303  Introduction to Spanish Literature   
MCL 389 (SPA 304) Upper Level Preparation  
SPA 496, 497  Senior Seminar      
SPA 499  Independent Study

ITA 450     Directed Readings I 
ITA 451     Directed Readings II
FLA 495    Project   
FLA 499    Independent Study

Total of 30 hours required in one language.

Note: Language courses must be taken in sequence, and 300 level language is a pre-requisite for all other courses. Careful scheduling of courses for this concentration is necessary. Students who enter with advanced standing in language skills will fulfill the balance of the 30-hour requirement by selecting courses in literature or linguistic categories or can receive actual credit for prior work by taking a CLEP exam through the Admissions Office ($72 each; $20 administrative fee, as above).  Study abroad is encouraged, especially in summer.  See Dr. Lee Ann Grace in International Education, SW 410, (716) 878-4620.  Dr. Grace also provides alternative placement testing for heritage speakers.

Childhood Majors with Foreign Language Extension
It is highly recommended that extension students take one or two additional courses in this concentration so that they will be successful in 7-9 settings and on the CST exam. Please work closely with the foreign language concentration EER advisor and the Modern and Classical Language department to plan your best course of action.  REQUIRED:  FLE 401.

Note:  101 & 102 courses do not count in the 30 credit hours but are pre-requisites for further study.  You may use two years of High School Foreign Language, your score on the CLEP exam, or take these courses at the college level to meet this requirement.

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