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Graduate Projects, Candidacy, and FAQ

After the completion of six graduate credits and before the completion of 12 graduate credits, you will file your candidacy form (choose the form that is correct for your program). The candidacy form will list all courses that you have completed, including dates of completion and grades earned. You will then list all courses you plan to take to complete the requirements for your degree. The form should be completed with the assistance of your advisor and will need to be signed by the department chair and Dean. The department will determine if any substitutions should be made within the graduate program.  At least 15 hours of coursework must be at the 600 level. If you do not have your certificate by this time, you will be unable to file for candidacy.

Up to six transfer credits may be included and up to 10 hours from SUNY units, (please consult your advisor). Only courses with grades of A or B will be accepted. Official transcripts must be sent by the college or university to the Office of Graduate Studies.

If you change a course listed on your filed candidacy form, you will need to submit a Change of Candidacy form which will need additional signatures from the Chair and Dean. All coursework and degree requirements must be met within a six-year period immediately preceding a student's graduation. In some cases, students may file an academic appeal to have older coursework included in their programs.

Candidacy Checklist (PDF 43KB)


Literacy Specialist Program Candidates

Candidates who have completed at least six credit hours must submit an Admission to Candidacy form before completing 12 credits hours.

Educational Leadership Program Candidates

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Graduate FAQ

1. How do I find out who my advisor is?
Answer:  Call the department secretaries or check the list outside of Bacon 302.

2. Can I meet with someone who is not my advisor?
Answer:  All advisors advise students in specific programs. You should meet with your specific graduate advisor or contact Dr. David Henry at

3. Is advisement mandatory for graduate students?
Answer:  It is mandatory for literacy specialists at the time of filing candidacy and for MIITC students.  However, all students should see a graduate advisor when filing candidacy. Students in Childhood, Early Childhood, and Curriculum and Instruction can come during Graduate Advisement Week (in fall and spring) or make an appointment with their graduate advisor.

4. How do I file candidacy if I am taking 12 credits in one semester? 
Answer:  You can meet with an advisor to complete the candidacy form. You will hold the form until you receive your grades.  Once you have the grades for those 12 credits, you will submit the form to Dr. Friedland.

5. What do I do if I want to change a course that is listed on my candidacy form?
Answer:  Wait until you have completed all of the course work before your master's project.  Complete a change of candidacy form prior to graduation.

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