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The Mathematics concentration consists of a total of 30-32 credits chosen as described below. It is strongly suggested that the student work closely with their advisor. Students are encouraged to discuss their programs with members of the Mathematics Department in all concentration planning.

Academic Road Maps:




The math department will not accept any substitutions for students in the math extension.

1) REQUIRED COURSES  (24-26 crs.)
MAT 121  Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint I 
MAT 122  Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint II
MAT 161 & 163 Calculus and 1 hour lab course (or MAT 126 Calculus)
MAT 162 & 164  Calculus and 1 hour lab course (or MAT 127 Calculus)  
*MAT 270  Discrete Mathematics
*MAT 311  Probability and Statistics
*MAT 322W  Modern Geometry
*MED 383W  Learning and Teaching Problem Solving

2) ELECTIVES (6 crs.) 
Choose two courses:      
*MAT 304   Games and Linear Programming
*MAT 306   Problem Solving in Basic
#MAT 325   Probability and Statistics
# *MAT 351  Number Theory
@*MAT 495  Project
@ *MAT 499  Independent Study
*MED 307  Use of Teaching Aids in the Teaching of Mathematics
*  Upper level courses
#  Strongly recommended that all required courses be completed before taking this course
@  Permission of Department Chair required

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