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Social Studies

The Social Studies Concentration consists of 10 courses or a total of 30 credit hours chosen as described below.  At least 18 credit hours must be at the upper division (300 or 400) level. It is strongly suggested that the student work closely with an advisor in all concentration planning.

Academic Road Maps:





ECO 101  The Economic System         
GEG 101  Worlds Natural Environment 
PSC 102   Introduction to American Government
HIS 106   History of American Life  
HIS 107   History of American Life II

(It is highly recommended that extension students take both HIS 106 and HIS 107.)

Take two courses from the following Social Studies diversity offerings:

ECO 302  Women in the Economy  (pre-requisite: ECO 201 or ECO 202)
GEG 309  Introduction to Urban Geography 
GEG 359  Arctic Geography from an Inuit Perspective
HIS 302  History of Women in America
HIS 311  History of American Immigration and Emmigration
HIS 314  Modern Latin America
HIS 341  African Americans and Civil Rights
HIS 468  Readings in African American History
PSC 316  Urban Ethnic Politics
PSC 335  International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 337  Politics of Globalization
PSC 340  Politics of Developing Countries
SSE 350  Longhouse People
SSE 363  American Identity in Transition

2) ELECTIVES (12 crs.)        
Take 12 credits across 3 categories: at least one course in each category must be taken

GEG 206  Geography of New York State 
GEG 300  World Regional Geography
GEG 359  Arctic Geography from an Inuit Perspective
GEG 360  Geography of Asia
GEG 362  Geography of the United States and Canada
GEG 364  Geography of Europe
GEG 425  Computer Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (CIS 101)
GEG 426  Arc New Applications (pre-requisite: CIS 101 or GEG 199)

HIS 302  History of Women in America
HIS 304  Europe from Napoleon to the First World War
HIS 306  History of Africa to 1919
HIS 308  History of Canada
HIS 310  History of the Far East: The Traditional Era
HIS 313  Politics and History in the Middle East 
HIS 314  Modern Latin America
HIS 318  History of the Soviet Union
HIS 319  Colonial History of the American People
HIS 321  History of Medieval Europe (HIS 115)
HIS 322  Afro-American History
HIS 324  American Presidents (pre-requisite: HIS 106 or 107)
HIS 330  US Environmental History
HIS 331  American Westward Expansion
HIS 332  American Labor History
HIS 340  History of the Buffalo/Niagara Region
HIS 415W  New York State History

PSC 315  State and Local Government Politics
PSC 316  Urban Ethnic Politics
PSC 318  Democracy and Peace - the Urban Experience
PSC 320  U.S. Constitution and Civil Liberties
PSC 326  Politics and Media
PSC 330  American Foreign Policy
PSC 335  International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 337  Politics of Globalization
PSC 350  Introduction to Legal Thought
PSC 355  American Political Thought

Total 30 crs.

Note:  The Social Studies Extension (major code CSS) requires at least 12 credits of history course work.  The teacher candidate should meet with the Social Studies Education department to discuss additional pre-requisites, including the Praxis exam.

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