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Student Highlights

A New American citizen!



Elementary Education and Reading faculty Kate Dust and SUNY BSC student Eucharia Ezeoyili



Missonary Sister and SUNY Buffalo State student Eucharia Ezeoyili currently enrolled in EDU 220 will be a new American citizen on May, 4 2017 at City Hall.

Eucharia is a missionary sister from Africa, originally part of a group of 5 Sisters that came to the US and lived in Texas 5 years ago, she has been in Buffalo for the last 2 years and lives on Franklin St. with missionary sisters from Brazil.  They operate and teach at Rainbow School on Franklin St., a small, Catholic, private school for children PreK through 2nd Grade.

Congratulations Eucharia!


PDS Orientation


The Department of Elementary Education and Reading hosted a Professional Development School (PDS) orientation session for about 75 students who are entering teaching methods classes in the fall.  The session was meant to build community and welcome students to this next phase of their preparation.  They met faculty members, heard details about the PDS sites and learned more about the professional behaviors that will allow them to contribute to student learning in the classrooms Day 1. Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles shared information about how to start preparing now for the expanding teaching job market and how the Career Development Center can help. 





Crystal Holmes-Smith


Recently Crystal Holmes-Smith was invited to serve as a Peace Corp Volunteer. Beginning in August 2017 she will serve as an English as a Foreign Language Co-Teacher in Nicaragua.

Check out the article here for more information!

Congratulations to all Graduate Students that presented at Graduate Student Project Presentation Night December 13th 2016! Thank you Dr. Friedland for all that you have done for our Graduate Students!


View more photos here!

A One-Way Ticket to the Lone Star State

Posted: September 2, 2016 By Mary A. Durlak

When senior Brianna Ware heads to Houston to complete her student teaching in October, she’s buying a one-way ticket. 

“In Houston, they actually have billboards that say, ‘Do you want to teach? When can you start?’” said Ware.

In May, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) had 400 vacancies, and it is just one of several school districts serving the city and its population of more than two million people. To meet the demand, HISD and other school districts including the Aldine Independent School District are encouraging education majors from around the country to visit Houston and its schools.

One-Week Interns Board with Administrators
Those visits are personal. “Student interns are invited to participate in a one-week placement in an urban school setting,” Andrew Papke, senior recruiter for HISD, wrote in an e-mail. “They are hosted by district administrators during their visit.” The brief visit introduces the student to the possibility of becoming a teacher in Houston. Students who do their student-teaching in Houston successfully are hired.

During the placement, each intern gets hands-on training from a master teacher and, by the end of one week, shifts to being the lead teacher in the classroom. “The student intern is encouraged to be creative and take risks, so they learn it is OK to make mistakes, as this is what makes a good teacher great,” Papke wrote.

Ware’s first visit took place in May. “I went in to teach in a second-grade class on Monday,” said Ware, “and my mentor was amazing at giving suggestions. It wasn’t all simple lesson plans; the class had arts and activities, and the teacher used a lot of technology.”

Dean Paterson Shares Opportunity with Students
Ware learned about the Houston program in an e-mail from School of Education Dean Wendy Paterson, who worked with HISD to establish the opportunity for Buffalo State students interested in pursuing teaching careers outside of the local area. “Many of our students want to stay local,” said Paterson, “but we encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities Buffalo State offers to travel and learn.”

“Buff State is really good for giving you classroom experience so you can make the right decision about a major,” Ware said, who chose early childhood education. “When I worked with kindergartners, I really enjoyed it. They are little people with big personalities who have a lot to say. And I believe that if children have a good start they can make better choices.”

Ware hopes to teach in a school with a higher poverty level. “I want to have the opportunity to make a difference,” she said. “I want my students to come to school and learn because it will be the best part of their day.”

Check out this Video featuring our SUNY Buffalo State Students in Houston Texas!
Congratulations to Daniel Klein and Emily Baker

Daniel Klein and Emily Baker were the recipients of a 2016 Ida M. Lautz Grant-in-Aid Award presented by the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. The award ceremony took place at the Forestview Restaurant during a meeting of the chapter.  Dan and Emily were chosen through an application, nomination, and interview process conducted by the scholarship committee of the Alpha Lambda Chapter.

Congratulations to the following honored and awarded May 13th, 2016 :
  • Professional Development Schools Consortium Leadership Award 2015- Danielle Jarosz
  • Professional Development Schools Consortium Leadership Award 2016- Daniel Klein
  • Norma M. Sutter Award for Excellence in Student Teaching Fund, Fall 2015- Emily Honsberger
  • Mortma M. Sutter Award for Excellence in Student Teaching Fund, Spring 2016- Anthony Adamo, Jr.
  • Alice Stielow Wehrung Schmidt Scholarship- Jessica Dubois
  • Robert and Gloria Laskie Scholarship 2016-2017- Brianna Ware
  • Lenore Levy Award for Exemplary Performance in Urban or HIgh Needs School- Emily Babcock
  • Shirtley B. Spriegel Award for Excellence in Teaching- Danielle Gorney
  • Cappella Bard School of Education Award for Applied Literacy Fund- Dottie Ost and Brianna Ware
  • 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate in Elementary Education & Reading- Anthony Adamo, Jr.
2015-2016 Circle of Excellence Awardees:
  • Anthony Adamo, Jr.
  • John Alessandra
  • Jessica Arana
  • Kathryn Arent
  • Emily Babcock
  • Chanel Brown
  • Mercedes Charlong
  • Carina DellaPietra
  • Kara Desiderio
  • Stacy Erokwu
  • Deanna Flanigan
  • Danielle Gorney
  • Danielle Gravius
  • Jamie Guerra
  • Nicole Hahn
  • Emily Honsberger
  • Daniel Klein
  • Tyler Lago
  • Elizabeth Malinowski
  • Cody Mapes
  • Dana Mastropoll
  • Laura Metzen
  • Molly Misso
  • Samira Musaid
  • Mia Pasqualetti
  • Shanice Patterson
  • Kasey Poloncarz
  • Justin Rose
  • Kaitlyn Rozwood
  • Kelsey Sacco
  • Karla Salamea
  • Nicole Sapienza
  • Nicole Schneggenburger
  • Alexandra Seibert
  • Christine Tomassi
  • Judy Wells
Commencement Profile: Elizabeth A. Malinowski

Posted: May 5, 2016

Elizabeth Malinowski has earned a bachelor of science degree in childhood education with a concentration in mathematics, attaining a 3.69 GPA while serving as captain of the Buffalo State women’s soccer team.

Malinowski will receive the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence during the 10:00 a.m. baccalaureate ceremony at Buffalo State’s 144th Commencement, Saturday, May 14, in the Sports Arena.

She is an ambitious student with demonstrated confidence in her teaching abilities and an intangible set of leadership qualities that make her a valued classmate and teammate.

An aspiring teacher and member of Kappa Delta Pi, the international honor society in education, she sought out challenging student-teaching and research assignments that would best prepare her for a career in education. In 2015, she was awarded an Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship through the Buffalo State Undergraduate Research Office to analyze, interpret, and write a case study about reading proficiency among young Native American students. In her student-teaching placements, her mentors described her as having the classroom-management skills of a veteran teacher with a level of efficiency that was fueled by her strong work ethic and professional concern for her students’ progress.

As a student-athlete, she earned SUNYAC All-Academic honors for four consecutive years and helped the soccer team reach the SUNYAC playoffs three times. Tough and durable, she gained the admiration of her teammates and demonstrated how to win with modesty and persevere through losses. Off the field, she was a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and led “I Am College Bound” and “Kid’s Night Out” activities for local schoolchildren.

Malinowski has volunteered in the community with Buffalo State’s Global Book Hour as well as the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb, the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk, and the Amherst Soccer Association’s youth girls programs.


Congratulations to those that presented at the Student Research and Creativity Celebration Saturday April 30th 2016

Mary C. Cummings, Mindy Lamb, and Dr. Conway-Turner

Congratulations recipients of the 59th Annual Honors Convocation- recognizing the exceptional academic performance of students who have earned a 3.50 or higher cumulative grade point average after completing the requisite number of credit hours at Buffalo State:


Nancy Abdelhaq, Anthony Adamo, Brittani Adinolfi, Robin Anthony, Rachel Aquino, Jessica Arana, Jazmen Avery, Emily Babcock, Melissa Baez, Annie Berg, Chanel Brown, Rachel Browning, Lynsie Budde, Emma Carpenter, Mercedes Charlong, Victoria D'amaro, Carina Dellapietra, Kaleigh Deuser, Amanda Eichinger, Stacy Erokwu, Miranda Fischer, Leah Flick, Melissa Fort, Nicole Gaston, Emily Gelsinger, Tee-Ahna Gilmore, Pamela Gon, Jamie Guerra, Megan Haefner, Nicole Hahn, Bryanna Hill, Jenna Johnson, Jordan Keenan, Daniel Klein, Tyler Lago, Amanda Landsittel, Erin Lawson, Jenna Lettieri, Gabriel Lewis, Kristen Lillis, Elizabeth Lusk, Nancy Lynam, Abigail Malczewski, Elizabeth Malinowski, Tricia Markel, Dana Mastropoll, Ashley McCool, Andrea Mermigas, Elizabeth Meyerhofer, Jenelle Middone, Colvina Mitchell, Carlie Mogavero, Kayla Moore, Samira Musaid, Heather Neuburger, Melissa Olejniczak, Rebecca Owen, Haley Palmateer, Mia Pasqualetti, Katelin Petranchuk, Elizabeth Piazza, Krista Regdos, Ashley Reinhardt-Mohn, Andrew Reitz, Kelsey Sacco, Karla Salamea, Nicole Schneggenburger, Melanie Seres, Nailah Shah-Taylor, Kathleen Shaw, Roseanna Spencer, Juliane Stachowski, Angelina Stromberg, Carolyne Szpaicher, Bethany Tabone, Christina Tomassi, Breana Walker, Merideth Watson, Judith Wells-Brader, Jessica Zaidel.



Congratulations Crystal Holmes- Smith for being awarded as one of the GSA Scholarship Winners! Click here to read more.
Congratulations to those who presented at the March 2016 NAPDS Conference!

From left to right top row: Dr. Sue McMillen, Crystal Holmes-Smith, Katey Syracuse, Ashely Weslak, Brianna Ware, and Daniel Klein.

From left to right bottom row: Caleb Moore and Morgan Allender

Not Pictured: Devon Holler and Dr. Pixita del Prado Hill, Dr. Sherri Weber



NAPDS 2016 Presentations

  • Devon Holler (Mentored by Dr. Means): Creativity and the Common Core from the Perspective of Teachers
  • Kathy Doody: Gerard Place: An Innovative PDS
  • Crystal Holmes-Smith & Caleb Moore – PDS Intern Panel- “The 10th Essential?: Some Thoughts from the Next Generation”
  • Crystal Holmes-Smith – Perspectives and Challenges on Promoting Reading among Children: A Cross- Cultural Comparison
  • Brianna Ware – Best Practices for Classroom Management in a PDS School
  • Dan Klein – Increasing Cultural Competency in a PDS Urban School
  • Sue McMillen & Pixita del Prado Hill with the PDS Student Representatives – Extending the Benefits of PDS to All
  • Pixita del Prado Hill & Angela Patti – College Faculty and Teacher Candidates Learn to Co-teach Together
  • Ashley Weselak- Drama-based Education in Rwanda
  • Caleb Moore- Science and Mathematics Integration: Methods and Implementation
  • Morgan Allender- The 411 on Movement in the Classroom
  • Sherri Weber- Challenging Misconceptions of Urban Education: A PDS'S Impact on Teacher Candidates' Perceptions
  • Sue McMillen- Moving for Learning at an International Professional Development School
  • Katey Syracuse- Possible Reason for Underrepresented Reports on Bullying as Mandated by DASA
Students visit with the Mayor of Buffalo February 2016

Crystal Holmes-Smith- EER Graduate Student

 We went to City Hall to present Mayor Brown with a gift from the Mayor of Muhanga, Rwanda, one of Buffalo’s Sister Cities. While there, we received a tour of the Mayor’s office and a short lesson on the history of the items found in the office and of the entire City Hall building. We even got to converse with the mayor himself. We talked about the life lessons we brought back from Rwanda and our plans for the future. It was a great experience!

EER Student, Liz Malinowski, Donates Books to Seneca Students

Liz Malinowski, a senior in Elementary Education & Reading, donated a class set of books, The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich, to A.J. Schmidt Elementary School and the Cattaraugus Reservation at the conclusion of her summer research, which focused on the literacy practices of Seneca students. Malinowski chose The Birchbark House because she hoped the book would help the students at A.J. Schmidt, particularly the students from the Seneca Nation, learn about the Ojibwa Nation and how they lived during the Western Expansion of the United States. Malinowski said she donated the books because, “It was my way of saying thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with your [Seneca] children.”

During the spring and summer of 2015, Malinowski conducted a qualitative case study with two fifth-grade Seneca students that examined the students' thoughts about themselves as readers. Survey and interview data revealed that the students thought highly about themselves as readers and they attributed this thinking to the adults in their lives. Both students said that their parents and teachers emboldened them to practice reading and this led to an increase in their confidence to decode words, understand the meaning of new words and use the comprehension strategies taught to them. Malinowski learned that having confidence in one's reading ability is important because readers with poor attitudes toward reading hinder their reading skills and choose not to read when other options exist (McKenna, Kear, & Ellsworth, 1995; Cain & Oakhill, 2011). She also learned that students who believe they can accomplish a task will spend more time on that task (Pajares, 1996).

In an effort to increase time on task, in this case practicing reading, Malinowski thought it would be important to provide A.J. Schmidt students with a story that embodied the characteristics of one of the students in her study. According to Malinowski, “the main character of The Birchbark House, Omakaya, is a gifted and hard working apprentice in the art of healing, as taught by her grandma, just like Emma [a student in the study] is a gifted and hardworking reader and role model to all students.” This class set of books will help elementary students and their teachers make connections between the histories of the Ojibwa and Seneca nations.

Malinowski worked with Dr. Chris T. Shively, assistant professor in Elementary Education, on this undergraduate research project. The researchers would like to thank the Seneca Nation, Mrs. Jill Clark from A.J Schmidt Elementary School, the Office of Undergraduate Research at Buffalo State and especially the Seneca students who shared their thoughts with them.


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